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Tom ArahThe easiest way to get in contact is to email me (Tom Arah) directly at

To send NFR copies of products for review my mail address is

Tom Arah
Online Design
104 Viewforth
Scotland  EH10  4LG


Below are some of your comments on the site and my writing. Please let me know what you think about individual reviews and articles and the site as a whole.


By far the best source of independent commentary on DTP and graphics that I have found is the writings of Tom Arah. You'll find excellent stuff -- product reviews, master classes, and crystal-clear briefings on abstruse pre-press issues (trapping, the nature of PostScript, etc.) -- on his website:


I've just discovered your site and now don't think I can live without it. I found myself printing out all of your back articles and reading them closely -- your clarity and thoroughness have been such a great help with my muddled, overwhelmed DTP-learning state. Also I really appreciate the enormous research you've done in comparing numerous products against each other, giving an overview of how to go about something, informing about updates, latest methods, best practices -- all that stuff that usually gets me stuck reading through too many websites to get information (and never having time to get to work!)....


Great site for reviews/DTP tutorials etc - heaps of great stuff here. Worth a visit! Over a hundred of Tom Arah's design software reviews, articles and tutorials are available.

QPA - association of quality printers

I just stumbled on your site - it's a revelation, and I shall be spending a lot more time there. Your writing is very clear and comprehensible to a non-professional


What can I say except thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. I am new to the digital world of image manipulation and I was fortunate enough to stumble across your wonderful web site. I found your writing style refreshing and your reviews are succinct so that the reader can come away feeling like they gained enough knowledge to make a decision as to what to purchase. When you are new to the game as I am this information is invaluable.


The Big Back Pat: There aren't many writers on computer graphics whose knowledge and judgment I respect as much as my own. But Tom Arah, a Scotsman residing at, comes very close. All right, all right, I grudgingly admit it: he probably knows even more than I.

Tom Arah reviews big and small graphics apps and writes general knowledge articles, all in depth and with great understanding of graphics technology. I urge you bookmark and check out his columns on a regular basis (they are updated once or twice per month).

Klaus Nordby at

I love your site. I have been searching quite some time for a site that can give the real "skinny" on design products.
You give both in depth and impartial reviews... a rarity. Thanks.


Great, Awesome, Informative website!! ( I wish there were more websites like yours for the rest of the special application software seeking world.


Thanks for you tips. Thanks for your generosity and sharing your knowledge. Can I come see you? (Only kidding -- wish I could!!)


I really enjoyed reading the reviews of the latest and greatest of the graphics world. I found them to be thorough and refreshingly unbiased.


Thank you for taking the time and effort to create and maintain this site. I found more useful information there in a half-hour than I have in other sites in several hours, and I shall be pleased to make future purchases through the links on your site.

Sue Ellen

Great site. Very clear and systematic, pleasant to look at and easy to navigate. The ratings are simple and the pictures of the reviewed software were especially helpful.


I've read a lot of review sites, and I can honestly say that yours is the best. Your articles are thorough, easy to understand, and seem to uncover key issues that others miss. You are doing fantastic work here, helping others learn about graphic applications. I recommend your site to everyone.


If you want to learn more of the technicalities of digital imaging, benefit from his tutorials or read his extensive reviews and articles, then Tom is, in my opinion, the best.


Tom, I'd like to send some feedback about your site. It's an essential  resource for anybody interested in design and visual arts. It's obviously one of  the best spots on design you can find on the web... Congratulations again for  your site. VERY good.


If you were here, I'd kiss you. What a glorious find you are! I'm going to concentrate on it so I can learn more. Thank you ever so much for the site -- I will spread the word.


Tom, I chanced upon your site and have enjoyed reading some of the articles. I thought they were very intelligently written and display a remarkable breadth. Anyway, just wanted to provide some well-deserved encouragement...


I just came across your articles & reviews ... what a bite of fresh air, so thanks.. You are not only extremely knowledgable of what you talk about...but also daring to say it loud and clear.


Thanks for a great series of articles. I am trying to get to grips with prepress etc. to produce a brochure, so your lessons were invaluable. They are very well written and illustrative. And amusing! I have been sending snippets to friends :)


Thanks for all the information, I loved your site, and will tell  others


Nice work! Very informative, with lots of useful information and  tutorials.


I have just discovered your site, and spent too much time reading a handful  of your excellent articles! As a very technically minded designer/illustrator,  it is highly rare that I read articles on digital graphics with which I can find  no faults - but yours seem quite impeccable! I look forward to reading the rest  of your pieces, as well as your future pieces.


Very good site !!! Thank you and keep up the good work.

Eric F.

Tom - fantastic site. At last everything is clear! I've been liberated from  the burden of all these questions none of the other graphics reveiwers seem to  address - certainly not in as down to earth a fashion.


You have a nice, well developed site there. I want to come back and visit  some more.


Let me unequivocally recommend to you and others the writings of Tom Arah.  You won't find better writing on the subject anywhere. The coverage is  comprehensive, including masterclasses and wonderfully clear explanatory  features (addressing questions like "What is PostScript?", "What is PDF"?",  etc.) as well as product reviews. If, like most of us, you've ever felt  mystified by DTP, graphics, fonts and the arcane world of pre-press work,  there's no better place to start.


Tom, I've read your reviews of CorelDraw 9, CorelXARA2, Expression1,  Freehand8, and Illustrator8. Thought you were right on target with all of them.  Your writing is first rate and I appreciate the opportunity to read your  reviews.


Just wanted to say that I found your pages extremely interesting and useful,  especially the articles and the long reviews. Keep up the good work


MANY THANKS for the expert advice. Your website is EXCELLENT and VERY  INFORMATIVE. Thanks for not "talking down" to your audience, and for not trying  to "sell" every item you review (some people are in love with every new toy).  You're doing a GREAT JOB, so keep it up!


I found your site full of useful information. I even downloaded 7 or 8 articles to read on spare time.


Thank you for putting online so much information on desktop  publishing.


Thank you for your informative web site! Now I know what .psd and .pdf and .tiff and .png etc are all about!
Excellent site Tom - very informative and well written.


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All the work on the site (over 250 reviews, over 100 articles and tutorials) has been written by me, Tom Arah It's also me who maintains the site, answers your emails etc. The site is very popular and from your feedback I know it's a useful resource - but it takes a lot to keep it up.

You can help keep the site running, independent and free by Bookmarking the site (if you don't you might never find it again), telling others about it and by coming back (new content is added every month). Even better you can make a donation eg $5 the typical cost of just one issue of a print magazine or buy anything via or (now or next time you feel like shopping) using these links or the shop - it's a great way of quickly finding the best buys, it costs you nothing and I gain a small but much-appreciated commission.

Thanks very much, Tom Arah

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